Futures, FKLI, FCPO, S&P EMini, HSI

Trend Derivative is an Intra-day to short term strategy. Derivatives offer higher return due to Leverage and Margin based trading. Trading in Derivatives needs discipline and Objectivity.  Signals are based on Short Term Pivots, Support/Resistance, Demand Supply Levels, and Chart Patterns. 

Derivatives instruments as per customer preferences;

FKLI, FCPO, FGLD, HSI and Other Derivative Asset s

Long Term Options/ Warrants


Daily 2-3 Signals for Day Trading. 

Positional Signals when Favorable conditions and opportunity comes


Two Targets - RM 300/ RM 500
Stop Loss - RM 300

Stop Loss Trailing with Profit Objectivity


High Accuracy of > 70%  

We believe in generating Consistent Income for our customers from Day Trading

Leveraged Trading means strict Discipline

We hand hold our clients during Live Trades

We Stay with the Client


Automated updates on Entry, Trailing Stops and Trade Exit in Real time environment

Complimentary Investment Ideas published to Client on Momentum Stocks for Wealth creation.