Op-Stat: Warrants

This program is specifically designed for options/warrants market which takes into account various analytical tools such as Volatility – Historical and Implied, Open interest and PCR. These tools are combined with statistical evidence to identify expanding and contracting market.

The strategies are for HSI, FKLI and other liquid Indices such as S&P, FTSE, CAC and DAX. The Warrants/Options signals are also developed for stock specific price action for short to medium term. All the strategies are Risk Defined and hedged.

Signals will be based on Greeks, IVs and Open Interests.


Short Term signals ranging from 1-3 Days or as per the System Discretion.


3-4 Trading Signals in a Week.


Target 225 USD in a Trade with Stop Loss of 100 USD.  .


Stop Loss to be trailed using Volatility. Any trade where we advise trailing Stop will be either cut in profit or Cost.


Target 15%, Stoploss – 8%