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A venture of exhaustively experienced Market professionals.


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About Us

A venture of exhaustively experienced Market professionals.

MTFS is a venture of experienced Market professionals who have experience of over a Decade in Indian and International Markets. Our small team comprise of CFAs and CMTs.  We bring to you combined market experience of over 30+ Years into Investments and advisory services.

We believe in delivering Systematic and Rule based discretionary Signals that keep emotion out of our client’s trading decisions. Our expertise includes short to Mid-term trading signals in Equities and futures markets, Indices, market neutral strategies, FX, risk management, leverage and Long Term Investments.


We believe that in random behavior of the market there is an underlying pattern and data symmetry exhibiting trends which produce fat tail and can be identified, profitably exploited by applying rule-based approach. We have two strategies; Long Term Systematic Approach which outperforms discretionary approach in the long run and Short Term rule based discretionary approach based on patterns, data or volatility where we exploit opportunities for higher returns with very strict rules.